Thursday, December 22, 2011

Our Centerpiece Christmas Tree

We made a Thankful Tree at Thanksgiving and the kids really enjoyed it. It served as the centerpiece on our table and we talked about it most nights at the dinner table. The kids were very sad when it was time to take it down to decorate for Christmas. So, we made a Cupcake Christmas Tree to take our Thankful Tree's place. The kids had a blast making it, and they enjoy seeing it every time we sit down to the table to eat. 

Mini Christmas Tree

What you'll need: 
Styrofoam cone 
small package of tidy pins
tinsel, your choice of color
small ornaments, your choice of color/theme
topper of your choice (optional)
(I found cute little pink and purple cupcake ornaments at Wal-Mart, that even including a fun topper)

To Make: 
Start by wrapping the tinsel around the cone, holding it in place in several places with tidy pins. 

Next, use the tidy pins to secure your ornaments around the tree. Top with topper. 

It was fun to take pictures of the kids at each step, they really "cheesed" it up for the camera! 

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