Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Hi! My name is Krystal Straw. Three things I always knew I wanted to be- a wife, a mom and an accountant! I have become those three. The wife of a strong, hardworking man. The mother of two AH-MAZING little boys. And an accountant at a great family-oriented company, I couldn't ask for more. I Love food! My love for food and all things food have led to my fourth aspiration in life- to be a chef. Maybe not a chef in the professional since of the term, but in terms of a person who cooks and bakes for others. I love to try new recipes, sometimes they're great and sometimes they're not. I always get excited when I find something new that I can add to my recipe collection. Since cooking and baking are my hobbies of choice, I thought it would be fun to start a blog about it. I usually discuss these things with a few people, but I decided to just jump right in and try it out. So, here it is, my Blog, "The Cooking Diary of a Working Mom". I'm sure you will find posts about all aspects of my life- family, work and food. Hopefully you find it fun and entertaining and maybe you'll try some of the recipes I post. 


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  1. Congratulations Krystal, I look forward to the read! And some good meals too lol :)