Friday, August 26, 2011

Slumber Party Thursday: Sloppy Joe's, Cheese Tater Tots & Brookies

 I'm not sure who gets more excited about the slumber parties, the parents or the kids!? My boys are still young and as a mom that fear of the guest of honor not having fun or worse, wanting to go home, lays heavily on my heart. To overcompensate for this, we talked up the slumber party a week out to prepare the kids (and myself) for it. Honestly, I think all the talk was more for the parents than the kids. Reality didn't really set in with my kids until I put that extra car seat in the car for Wyatt to come home with us, and you should have seen their faces light up! Wait... you can because I snapped a pic! 

From this moment on these three adorable little boys became inseparable. They played race cars while I made dinner. 

They all sat at the table and ate together when the meal was ready, with no fuss! I mean it is hard to fuss about sloppy Joe's and cheese tater tots right!? 

Then we made brookies! What's a brookie you ask? It's a delicious brownie and cookie concoction! First we made the brownie batter and poured it into our brownie pan. This was as much fun to watch as it was to make. 

After licking the bowl, we made the chocolate chip cookie dough and placed scoops of cookie dough on top of the brownie batter. After licking that bowl, we played some more while the two baked together. 

And the next step is the best part, which I totally forgot about last time I attempted these. So make sure you don't forget--- THE CHOCOLATE ICING on top!! How could I have forgotten that right?!

SUCCESS!! The Slumber Party and dessert turned out GREAT! And a tip for other moms as you handle your first sleep over, or playdate, or other kid excursion where you, the parent, are not present: Know that your kid(s) will be perfect angels when you are not around! They know their limits with you and push you to those limits often. When you are not around, they behave exactly like a child should. They listen, the eat, they clean up, and after playing nicely, they sleep. I know this as I have had now been the host to two slumber parties where the guest of honor at our house has set a perfect example of how to behave. I have also been on the receiving end of the compliment, when my child was the guest of honor. The behavior that your child exhibits when you are not around should also reassure you that you're doing a great job! So, GOOD JOB Mom! Keep it up! 


  1. Sounds good to me! I'm following you!

  2. This Brookie would definitely send me into a sugar-coma.